Data Visualisation

Effective Altruism (EA) is a movement that uses reason and evidence to do the most good.

This website aggregates and visualizes data from several EA organisations, including grants, donors, and pledges.

The website is coded in Python using Dash and Plotly, plus a bunch of HTML and CSS, and deployed with Heroku.

It's mostly responsive, but some of the plots are too detailed for mobile.

More details here.


Litmaps is an early stage startup which builds tools for visualising and discovering scientific papers.

I coded the visualisation logic currently in production.

This involved implementing efficient javascript algorithms for visualisation use-cases and setting up any necessary backend using FastAPI and Python.

More details can be found here.

The Shape of Stories

An exploratory Jupyter notebook inspired by Kurt Vonnegart's talk The Shape of Stories.

I use sentiment analysis and smoothing algorithms to visualise the emotional trajectory of famous stories.

Visualising the History of a Club

Another Jupyter notebook in which I visualise the history of my Toastmasters club.

I downloaded the record of membership and officer role data from the Toastmasters website and came up with a few interesting plots of 20 years of club data.