Litmaps is an early stage startup which builds tools for visualising and discovering scientific papers.

I joined Litmaps as its first employee to get some experience with full-stack web development, data visualisation and deploying machine learning services.

Projects I've been working on include:

Orion Health


I initially joined Orion on a research internship. I worked on biomedical applications of natural language processing, using deep learning and Tensorflow.

My results were published at the Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

I collaborated with Orion during my M.Sc., after which I formally joined as a graduate data science.

I worked on predicting triage outcomes from medical free text using recurrent neural networks.

M.Sc. In Computer Science


Funded by a scholarship from the Precision Driven Health Partnership (PDH).

My thesis was on detecting dataset shift in medical machine learning.

I won the annual "best M.Sc." prize from the Auckland University computer science department. One of my examiners said it was "the best master's thesis they had seen".

Some of my thesis work was published at SIGIR 2020.

B.Sc. (Honours) In Computer Science


GPA: 7.9/9.0. Transcript.

Funded by a University of Auckland Postgraduate Scholarship.

My dissertation was on spatiotemporal modelling of air quality, in collaboration with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA).

Some of my dissertation work was published at the Australasian Conference on Data Mining.

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts (Conjoint)


GPA: 8.6/9.0. Transcript.

I double majored on both degrees, for an overall quadruple major:

Awards include: